A Personal Finance Course for Professionals Age 35 to 50


Practical Retirement Education

Why Retirement Education is Important

Tax regulations can change with little warning. Headlines blare about the uncertain future of personal debt, retirement programs, and the housing market. Few of us truly understand the enormous, ever-growing body of financial legislation that affects so much of our daily lives, especially when facing the pressure of saving for college or caring for an elderly parent. How should one navigate these challenging and perilous waters? Wealth Creation Today® is a comprehensive, insightful approach to building the personalized tools and strategies necessary for a lifetime of informed financial decisions. Whether your objective is to grow your investments, protect your family, or maximize your employment benefits, this course will help you plan for the future with confidence.

There are many ways of planning and saving; each with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. This course will show you how to assess your current wealth, hone an effective, personalized plan and take better advantage of the resources available to you.

About the Course

Wealth Creation Today® is an interactive, lecture-format adult financial education course for successful professionals ages 35-50. Classroom sessions are taught by highly qualified financial practitioners who will use real-world examples to identify key concepts and strategies. Participation is highly encouraged and classroom questions are always welcomed.

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Objective Financial Education

Inflation, interest, insurance, and investments … stocks, bonds, ETFs, annuities, and mutual funds … taxes, IRAs, 401(k)s, and so much more! There seem to be as many investment terms and strategies as there are investors. Complicating matters, many financial education courses only cover one or two of these topics, ignoring the broad spectrum of available choices. But how does it all fit together? And what's the right path for you? Wealth Creation Today® takes a comprehensive, objective approach, giving you indispensable tools to avoid mistakes and recognize smart solutions for your personal financial wellness. Please note that Wealth Creation Today® is an educational, noncommercial course and no specific financial products will be discussed.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Corporate veteran? Successful business owner? Career jumper? Self-employed? Independently wealthy? As a holistic approach to financial goal-setting and wealth building, Wealth Creation Today® has information for everyone. Whatever you have planned for the future, what you learn in this course can deliver rewards over a lifetime and set the foundation of your legacy.